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We offer private (your riders only)  trail rides in the beautiful mountains just minutes from Blue Ridge, Georgia and Copperhill, Tennessee.  If adventure and adrenaline are for you, our expertly trained horses can move through many of the trails at several different gaits that will keep you comfortable while exciting your senses with speed and agility.  National Forest trail rides are 3-4 hours long.

Reservations, Policies and Pricing

Please keep in mind when booking your reservation that we will be asking you for some “personal” information. Your height, weight, and riding experience all play a part in choosing your perfect mount to carry you through the mountains on your horseback riding adventure. We do not ask these questions to intrude, only to make sure you receive the best ride possible. We do not take large groups and horses are individually chosen for each participant based on the information you have given us so please be accurate. Some things to consider when providing the requested information:

Height and weight do need to be accurate, to ensure we choose a horse that is suitable for your adventure.

Riding experience must be accurate. (these rides are not suited to beginners) If your experience is not extensive enough for us to be comfortable taking you out on the mountain we recommend a local stable that offers rides to beginners and will still give you some definite thrills.

Jeans (or long pants of some kind) are required! Shorts may be OK for an hour at the local stable but not for these mountainous trails.

Enclosed footwear (preferably boots with a heel) are required. Flip flops, crocs, sandals, and other types of loose fitting or open footwear will not be allowed.

Tennis shoes will work and in some cases are preferable to over wide type work boots. Stirrups are designed for narrow boots typically not more than 5 inches wide, work boots are not suitable.


A cancellation will be accepted and a refund granted with a minimum of 30 days notice.

A ride may be rescheduled with a minimum of 7 days notice.

Inclement Weather: North Georgia Equestrian Tours has the right to reschedule a ride due to inclement weather. Mountain weather is unpredictable and changes quickly, please contact us if you wish to discuss weather concerns.

*We do not accept Credit Cards.